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Finally, a Dallas personal training program that really, really, works!

FITNESS IS EASIER THAN YOU THINK! Gain ten pounds and nobody notices. But lose five pounds and people will tell you how good you look!

How can a busy person get in shape in today’s hectic world? Does it have to involve prying eyes at a health club? Isn’t a person’s body supposed to be a private matter. especially if it could use an overhaul? How can you become fit when there simply isn’t enough time. and stay that way when you get there?

How do you know that you’ll lose weight with Fitness Trainers To Go? Learn More…

Great! Everyone at Fitness Trainers has been extremely helpful. After only 11 sessions, I have already had a team member compliment me on my arms. I feel stronger and can recover faster after each workout.
Ashley : Dallas, TX

Aren’t You Tired Of Saying, “It’s Time To Get In Shape?” Only to find out you either don’t really know how, or can’t seem to make any progress.  Whether you can’t seem to “find the time”, or are just fed up with redundant workouts in a crowded, intimidating gym, Fitness Trainers To Go will help you reach your goals by sending a member of our Dallas personal training staff straight to you.

In Home training provides a distraction free, one on one setting…here your personal trainer will educate, motivate and push you to achieve levels of fitness you never thought possible. In addition we offer in-home nutritional counseling with Master Nutritionists. With our programs, you’ll accomplish so much more than you would struggling to find the time and energy to make it to the gym or develop your own personalized meal plans you’ll be astonished.

Things are going real well. My trainer is always on time and are very supportive and encouraging. I’ve lost over 10 lbs the last month alone. Great job!
Elizabeth : McKinney, TX

Just one session with one of our personal trainers and you’ll see why our clients achieve their weight loss and fitness goals so quickly… and why we are THE best choice when it comes to Dallas personal training.  You can schedule your free -no obligation consultation today by clicking here! But if you have doubts, please read our web page, Why Hire Personal Trainers?

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Fitness Tips

Easy Home Exercise: Foam Roller Unstable Lunge
Easy Home Exercise: Foam Roller Unstable Lunge. This exercise is great for strengthening the lower body while providing balance/stability for the hips, knees, and ankles. To perform this exercise correctly:

  1. Begin a stride length behind the foam roller while placing the front foot widthwise on the foam roller.
  2. Make sure to keep both feet pointing forward, the hips and shoulders squared, and the stomach contracted throughout the range of motion.
  3. Begin the motion by lowering the back knee towards the floor in a 90 degree angle, while keeping the stomach contracted make sure the knee does not touch the ground and stay on the toes on the back foot.
  4. Make sure that the front leg also goes into a 90 degree angle.
  5. Return to starting position and continue for 12 to 15 repetitions.
  6. Repeat with other leg.

This exercise brought to you by the Dallas Personal trainers from Dallas Personal trainers Fitness Trainers To Go.

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